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Our interactive products are designed and created to familiarize our children with places, situations and daily routines that might normally present a challenge. This creates more opportunities for inclusion and the ability to reduce anxiety whilst teaching valuable life skills. 

‘Red Sparrow Books provide a beautiful library of engaging social stories and visual schedules that bring experience and process to life.’

– Alicia Frost B.O.T. Occupational Therapist

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Such a fabulous idea that works.

I use Red Sparrow Books as a tool in the salon when cutting kids hair and it’s fantastic.  ‘Going to the Hairdresser’ has images and interactive sounds so the child is aware of what to expect with each new step.  This has made the experience for myself, parents and the child more fun and enjoyable.

Dani – Tantrum Hair Design.

Jo-anne and Melissa

A little about us …

As the creators of Red Sparrow Books it is our heart to bless families and the wider community.

To provide engaging tools to equip our precious children with relevant life skills, helping them navigate each new challenge with confidence and calmness.

We hope our books and resources bring you joy and the freedom to discover new possibilities.