Life Saving Victoria – Nippers

Nippers found that some new and potential members didn’t know what to expect when they arrived, and felt a little anxious. To alleviate some of the anxiety, they decided to collaborate with us and create a walkthrough of what to expect on any given day. A sense of the activity and environment is also provided through a 360 degree interactive piece.

This type of format showcases that new and potential members can be assisted to transition in a well prepared way.

This is also reflected in the Vermont Secondary School ‘Transition’ project, which is made accessible to all children transitioning from a Primary School, or to new students who have never been there.

“A brilliant explanation for a first Nipper family! Thank you! (from existing Nippers!)”

‘HOW DO I …?’

Victorian Police

Children sometimes struggle to know how to engage with Police.  They might be frightened, excited, or anxious and unsure.
To help reduce some of the mystery, and help children feel more at ease when talking and engaging with Police, we worked with Victoria Police to storyboard a few scenario’s.  We developed an Interactive Social Story that identify Police and reflect some of the processes a child will experience.


Vermont Secondary College – 360 Tour and Year 7 Transition

The transition from Primary to Secondary school, or to a new school, can be a bit daunting for some children and their parents.  Vermont Secondary College decided that they’d like to offer children an opportunity to have a virtual tour of their facilities before doing their face to face experience.
In order to cover most areas of their transition program, Vermont Secondary College also commissioned a book for students transitioning from year 6 into year 7.
This book walks a student through a day whilst covering every aspect of school life thoroughly.
Both parents and students alike have found this to be a great tool to reduce anxiety and prepare them well for their new school.


While most Interactive Social Stories fit into one or more of the above categories, we also get people approach us to discuss their ideas and see if we can create unique custom solutions for them.
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